Achy Joints

A safe, cost-effective alternative to pharmaceuticals 

As a puppy, Flash had no worries but when he turned 15, many years of hiking had taken their toll. Luckily, we used safe alternatives to the pharmaceuticals which could have debilitated his organs. Effective, costs less, what more could we ask for? Flashy, we miss you -- RIP 7/10/09.

What the Bell dogs use to control arthritis and joint pain ...

  • Azmira's Glucomochondro Tablets
  • Azmira's or Solid Gold's MSM, alternating
  • We switch off monthly between -- Azmira's Yucca, Ginger, Cayenne pepper or Turmeric (bought in bulk, organic, at Feelin' Great in Hendersonville but you can get it at any natural foods store)

    Other important supplements are:
    Vitamin C which helps the body absorb glucosamine (important to check the source if you have kidney issues)
    Olive Oil (only if your pets don't have a weight problem or you compensate by adjusting portions)

    EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE! It's so important to keep the weight off those joints AND keep them moving! A lean dog or cat is a dog or cat in less pain!

    NO rimadyl! Or carprofen! Or Deramaxx! Or buffered aspirin! I would never give these to any of my pets unless I knew 100% they were in the last days of their lives. Even buffered or baby aspirin can easily cause bleeding ulcers as experienced by my parents' late border collie, Casey. Search "Rimadyl Adverse Drug Reactions" and learn for yourself (See the bottom of this page for links to articles about these pharmaceuticals.)

Here are some other Best Bites supplements which have been used by the Bell dogs and other customers through the years ...  


For more information contact us at 828-778-2221 or

Brand Name/Manufacturer Description
American Biosciences American Biosciences DGP (Dog Gone Pain) 60 Ct Bottle
Animal Essentials Animal Essentials Tinctures Alfalfa/Yucca Blend 1 Oz Bottle
Animal Essentials Animal Essentials Tinctures Senior Blend 1 Oz Bottle
Ark Naturals Ark Naturals Joint Rescue Chewable 60 Ct Bottle
Ark Naturals Ark Naturals Joint Rescue Chewable 90 Ct Bottle
Aunt Jeni's Supplements Arthritis/Joint Aid, Canine, 120 Chewable Tabs
Azmira Liquid Herbal Extracts Yucca Intensive-2 oz. 
Azmira Liquid Herbal Extracts Yucca Intensive-8 oz. 
Azmira Liquid Herbal Extracts Yucca Intensive-32 oz. 
Azmira Nutritional & Herbal Joint E'zer-2 Oz.
Azmira Nutritional & Herbal Joint E'zer-4 Oz.
Azmira Nutritional & Herbal Joint E'zer-8 Oz.
Azmira Nutritional & Herbal GlucoMChondro-90 tabs
Azmira Nutritional & Herbal Glucosamine-90 caps
Great Life (includes book) Athro Aid Chewable, 250 Ct 
Halo Purely For Pets Vita Glo Hip & Joint Supplement 6oz
Homeopet Joint Stress Remedy 15ml
Merrick Elements Dog Supplement Mix 12oz
N-Bone Get Naked Joint Health Liquid Supplement 8oz


If your vet prescribes Rimadyl, or deramaxx or carprofen or any other NSAID, please do your research! Your dog must undergo a battery of tests to determine if these drugs are not indicated (and could therefore be harmful or deadly). The Senior Dogs website is very balanced and you'll find dozens more sites under "Rimadyl Adverse Drug Reactions" ...


American BioSciences (Dog Gone Pain)


Animal Essentials

Aunt Jeni's


Great Life Pet Food

Halo Purely for Pets




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