Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these dogs and cats?

Our best friends through the years who still deliver with us in spirit! 

Flash and Zeke






 Where is Best Bites located?

Best Bites provides a FREE delivery service only. We do not have a storefront.

 What are Best Bites' hours?

We are open 8-5:30 Monday-Friday, 8-noon on Saturday and closed Sundays.

HOWEVER, during much of this time we may be delivering our healthy products and unable to answer the phone. Please send us an email or leave us a message, always including your phone number.

What discounts are available?

If you refer someone who becomes a FOOD customer, you save 10% on your next order. This is the only discount that can be combined with others.

If you pre-arranged a pickup from my home or our Asheville locations, you save 5% on your next order.

If you buy $100 or more in one order, you save 10%. You can team up with neighbors and friends to get the $100 discount and the entire order will be delivered to one location. 

Where do you deliver?

All of the Asheville city limits, Swannanoa, most of Henderson County, and Brevard.

What if I live ouside of your delivery areas?

We have several places which serve as pre-arranged pickup spots, including two in Asheville and one in Henderson County. You will even receive a 5% discount for picking up. ALL pickups must be pre-arranged, 48 hours in advance.

What is the best food you sell?

Every dog is different and every cat is different. Your budget is different from someone else's. The BEST food I sell is the one which your pet does the best on that fits in your budget. As you can see from the hundreds of products listed, we can find the best food for YOUR pet.

I don't see my pet's food listed on your website. Does that mean you think it's a bad food?

Since 1999, our job has been to educate pet owners about better food. True, we believe some foods are much higher quality than others, but we also believe most people do the best they can for their pets. Sometimes it just takes a little know-how to read those labels!

How do you choose the foods you sell?

We won't sell any food we wouldn't feed to our pets and we are PICKY! The "Why We Exist" page outlines the standards our foods must live up to. If a food contains any of these forbidden ingredients, Best Bites will not sell them unless specially requested by an existing customer (and even then we'll try to talk you out of it!) For example, some manufacturers make one line of food that contains wheat, while all of the others are wheat-free. We will not carry the variety containing wheat. We are always open to suggestions about new foods!

Do you carry vegetarian foods?

No. We do not believe vegetarian foods are appropriate for cats or dogs.

I see some products carried by a manufacturer but not others ... why?

Two possibilities -- it might be an accident! Let us know and we'll see if we accidentally deleted it. The other possibility is that some manufacturers may let a 'forbidden' ingredient slip into some formulas while eliminating it in others. For example, some brands may not have any wheat in their foods, but they do in their treats. I do not carry any products with any wheat, so for some manufacturers, you will only see their wheat-free varieties.

The product I bought is defective. Can I get a refund?

Absolutely. Even though Best Bites represents extremely conscientious foods and products, every once in a while a problem occurs. Please keep your original bag so we can alert the manufacturer to the problem and get you a full refund.

My pet doesn't like this food after all. Can I get a refund?

You may return the bag and receive a Best Bites credit for the amount you have not used. Cans and frozen food cannot be returned for reasons of preference.

My pet has diarrhea -- help?

This is one danger of switching foods "cold turkey', so save some of your old food to mix in with your new healthy Best Bites product. If we have gradually transitioned your pet, then you may be overfeeding. Follow the feeding chart on your bag carefully. Eliminate all other sources of potential digestive upset (like treats with corn, wheat or soy or chemical preservatives). For diarrhea, FAST your pet for up to 24 hours. Start back on baby food -- I like Beech Nut Naturals chicken/rice or turkey/rice. Keep meals small at first and provide plenty of water. Contact your vet if any stool shows signs of blood.

How should I store my food?

Dry food should be kept in its original bag -- do not dump the bag into a trash can or other non-food-grade container. Leftover canned food should be transferred into a glass storage dish and refrigerated immediately. Do not refrigerate canned food in the can.

I can't get ahold of you -- why not?

Best Bites is a very small operation -- my husband and I run it along with holding full-time jobs. By keeping overhead low, I can keep your prices low while saving you the fuel costs and time associated with shopping for pet food. Thank you for your patience! We will return your call as soon as possible!

Are "people foods" really bad for pets?

With some notable exceptions NO!! Please do not feed onions, chocolate, or raisins. Of course, Best Bites pets eat no corn, wheat or soy so that means no bread, pasta, popcorn, etc. No meat bones that have been cooked. I'd rather they didn't get a ton of salt or grease. But fruits, veggies, lightly-seasoned meat ... wonderful for your pets.

Have a question?

Send it to! I'll add it onto our FAQs! 

Contact us at 828-778-2221 or


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