Reading these testimonials embarrasses us!! Because really, Best Bites wouldn't be possible without our fantastic clients. Their love for their pets makes them SO easy to work with and I'd like to publicly thank these 'testifiers' along with all of my other customers for their loyalty through the years!

"Best Bites for Pets gets a 5 star rating for customer service. Angie goes above and beyond to keep her customers happy. I've been a loyal customer for over 10 years. Her prices are great and saves me alot of time and trouble shopping for dog food. Love, love, love Angie and Best Bites for Pets." ~ mom of K.C. (and one of Best Bites' three original human customers from 1999)

"Angie provides such a great service. She is thorough in her research and vetting of companies that meet her (and my) criteria for our pets' healthy diets. It just takes one more important thing off my plate and I can feel confident that my beasties are getting what they need. Thanks Best Bites!!" ~ mom of the late Pearl (below) and Minnie

"Sometimes I think that my cats are eating better than me, thanks to Angie. I appreciate Angie educating me about the nutritional benefits of the food she sells. She cares about what she does and the customers she serves." ~ dad of Jindalee, Rasputin, Jezebel and Whiskey (below)

"Because of Best Bites, I can stay dumb about pet food. Angie does all the research for me so I know I'm giving my four-leggeds the healthiest food for the most reasonable price. Also, she figures when I need another bag before I even ask, and poof there it is!" ~ mom of Harley (below), Millie, Kirby, Bailey, Jake, Molly

"My kids are healthier and happier than any other kid I know. We NEVER have to go to the vet other than shots. They look great, healthy coats and not so stinky poo. It makes me feel good as a mom to the 4 legged kids that I am giving them the best possible food I can. Thanks Angie and Best Bites for giving us moms and dads a health alternative for our kids." ~ mom of Katie, Kloe, Kenzie, Kooper, Kacey and Kameron

"Angie and Best Bites have been great for me over the years. Angie kept my old dog Badger (65 lbs.) in good health for 15 of his 17 years. I wish I had met her in time to give him the same care the other two years. I am sure she will do the same for my dog Sally. She is a storehouse of knowledge about the pet world and keeps up with everything. Her advice is golden. Her prices are as good or better than you will find in the stores and her variety exceeds that of any store. You can't go wrong with Angie's advice or her pet products." ~ father of Sally and the late, great Badger (below)

"I have been working with Angie for at least 10 years and have come to depend on her as an overall resource for my 4-leggeds. I know that she has done the research and that she only offers the highest quality products. Her service is the best. extremely passionate. No corn, no wheat, no soy is the mantra." ~ mom of Ava and Barney (below)

"Angie has made a huge difference in the health of several of our animals, especially those with unusual constitutions or age-related health challenges. She knows more about nutrition than the vets with whom we work and she thoroughly researches possible options to remedy any challenge. We have worked with Angie for about 10 years and are very grateful she is here!" ~ mom of Theo, Grace, Gretchen and Joey (along with the three wonderful 'late' dogs pictured below)

"I have been a customer of Best Bites for Pets for 4 years. My dogs food was always delivered before I even knew I needed it. Great food at a great price. I have compared prices at traditional stores, and if you manage to even find the products Best Bites offers, Angie's price, knowledge and customer service is better. Thank you Angie!!!" ~ dad of newborn-to-be-named puppy who wasn't ready to leave the litter at the time of this writing, thus bringing his new human sister to tears (below)

"I live in Greenville, SC and was a customer of Angie for several years. I would still be, but the current cost of living made it economically unfeasible for her to continue serving Greenville. It was nice to be able to ask Angie questions about food, treats and other dog related issues and get an answer based on the welfare of the dog, not Angie. If you have the opportunity to allow Angie to serve you, don't hesitate." ~ dad of Gretchen and the late Baron (pictures unavailable but you get the idea from our clipart. thanks google!)

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